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Come Get a Taste of Spring This Weekend!

All this snow probably has you sitting inside, dreaming about spring. And in the mean time you are finding lots of items to add to your “spring cleaning” list. Where can you find ideas on what to do this spring? Make your spring dreams a reality at this...

Home Automation: Making Your Life Easier

One of the many trend homeowners are getting more and more interested in is home automation. In fact, more than half of respondents to the 2014 State of the Smart Home survey estimated that within the next 10 years home owners will be able to use a single remote to...

Vehicle Safety In the Winter

Three days ago the snow was beautiful. Today most of us have a mild case of cabin fever. While winter can be a wonderland, snowfall can make winter a very dangerous time of the year. As a security company, we care about your safety, and you are probably itching to go...