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Alarm Systems and Access Control Louisville, KY

Hawkeye Security and Electronics is a local alarm systems service company based in Jeffersonville, IN. We provide the Louisville Metro Area and Southern Indiana with top quality surveillance systems, alarm systems and electrical wiring. We’re the only Louisville-area electronics company that offers the reliability of a national monitoring service, combined with the personal attention that only a local service company can provide.

Hawkeye Security and Electronics will custom design an alarm system to meet your needs, your lifestyle, your concerns, and your budget. With our extensive and diverse background, we are able to satisfy any alarm system installation or integration requirements. Then, we will train you on how to properly use your new alarm system and provide any maintenance service needed after the job is complete.

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Access Control System

If you’re in an office building, check out our Access Control Systems. One of the key benefits of these type of alarm systems are that it directly interfaces with our commercial alarm panels so that they act as one system. This allows one database for user management and one user interface for access and system disarming. Event logging tells you who came in and when. It’s a complete solution.

Our proximity access cards are shaped like credit cards, or special types are available that can hang on a keychain. Codes are stored on each card that identify the specific employee, and cards can be added or removed from the central database. They can start or stop functioning without any employee input, so for example if someone gets let go, even if they keep their card, they can’t use it to re-enter the premises because you’ll have deactivated it.

This easily beats the old system of pincodes because there’s never any pin number for the employees to forget – or for someone to eventually guess. In addition, the access system is a flat gray pad, so there are no moving parts of any sort to wear down or break. Employees simply scan their wallet, purse or whatever contains the card (it can be scanned through many layers of materials) and they get let in, no fuss, no hassle!  This system is widely employed in corporate office buildings across the world, let Hawkeye hook it up for yours.

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