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  • Protect your home or business starting at $69 including: burglary, fire, and cellular monitoring service!
  • Professional installation by our employees, not sub-contractors.
  • Proud to be named Small Business of the year by 1SI Chamber of Commerce
  • Customer service from our office staff including scheduling, remote program changes, operation and billing questions.
  • Our UL Listed central monitoring stations provide the finest alarm monitoring service in the industry
  • Only CEDIA certified designer in the Louisville area for audio/video systems

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Louisville Security Systems

Hawkeye Security and Electronics provides the best Louisville Security Systems out there, plain and simple.  From alarm monitoring to surveillance cameras, we have it all.

Hawkeye services the Louisville Metro Area and Southern Indiana with top quality surveillance systems alarm monitoring, surveillance cameras, and electrical wiring. We’re the only Louisville-area electronics company that combines the reliability of national monitoring service with the personal attention that only a local service company can provide.  This gives us a unique niche and once you try us, you’ll never trust anyone else with your security needs.

Louisville Security Systems – Customized

Every building, whether commercial or residential, is different. It has different needs based on its construction and vulnerabilities, not to mention the level of security the owner would like to install.

Rather than selling a cookie-cutter system to every customer, Hawkeye Security and Electronics takes it to the next level. We take the extra effort to design a custom system that meets all your needs. This can include door/window protection, motion detection, glass breakage sensors, fire protection, Carbon Monoxide alerts, and flood notification.

And hey, while we’re wiring up all these security features, why not install an automated lighting system that turns lights on when you walk into your house and turns them all off when you leave? You could save hundreds in electrical bills! Plus, our Louisville Security Systems are modular; they can be expanded with more features or to more areas at any point in the future.

Commercial CCTV

If you’re a commercial customer, we can install an Ademco CCTV system in your building. These state-of-the-art products utterly eclipse the old systems. You may be familiar with the old way of recording security video onto a time-lapse VCR, but you have to remember to change the tape. VHS tapes haven’t proven to age very well either with the magnetized film slowly corrupting as it’s exposed to the elements.

This new technology records onto a hard drive. Nowadays, you can easily and cheaply obtain hard drives in the Terabytes (1 Terabyte equals 1000 Gigabytes). This can record tens of thousands of times longer than a tape, and a hard drive doesn’t wear out.

In addition, hard drive footage can be parsed easily, in other words you can instantly zip from one spot in the video to another spot hours or even days later. There’s even remote viewing software you can install on your computer, so from anywhere in the world, you can log into the internet and view your security feed, both live and archived! Isn’t it time you upgraded?

Contact Us to see what Security Solutions Hawkeye offers for Louisville security systems, alarm monitoring, and surveillance cameras!

TuxTouchWhite_family_loSystems designed for your protection

Every building is different and has different needs based on its construction and vulnerabilities. Rather than selling a standard security system to every customer, Hawkeye Security and Electronics takes the extra effort to design a system that properly fits your needs. System design often includes: door/window protection, motion detection, glass breakage sensors, fire protection, Carbon Monoxide alert and flood notification. Our systems always include the ability to expand in the future.


Systems designed for your life

Our systems are designed to give you the greatest protection possible while being easy to use and combining convenience features into their operation. System design often includes multiple keypads and/or keyfob remotes for ease of operation. We often include electronic lighting automation so that you never walk into a dark house, or forget to turn the iron off when you leave. These advanced features are surprisingly inexpensive to add to our systems.


Smoke Detectors smoke detector hawkeye Hawkeye Security and Electronics provides PHOTOELECTRIC smoke detector installation from System Sensor. These smoke detectors are better at picking up a slow burning smoldering fire (how most fires start) than conventional ionization smoke detectors. They are also more immune to false alarms such as burning toast in the kitchen. Our smoke detectors are powered by the central alarm control panel with its own battery backup. That means that you don’t have to change the batteries in your smoke detectors twice every year! Our smoke detectors also include thermal heat detectors to detect fires that start quickly, burn hot, and produce little smoke. Series Photoelectric Smoke Detectors SpectrAlert Advanced Ademco 5192 Series Heat Detectors We offer heat detectors to sense fire in harsh areas such as garages or utility rooms, which are the most likely place for a fire to start, but would cause false alarms for traditional smoke detectors. Carbon Monoxide Detectors Carbon Monoxide DetectorsCarbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, tasteless and highly toxic gas that is produced when fuels, such as wood, gasoline, charcoal and oil, re burned with insufficient air. The majority of residential and commercial fatalities are caused from these fuels coming from heating systems, power tools and charcoal grills. If carbon monoxide is detected, the CO1224 will alert residents by sounding and flashing a temp-44 signal alarm. Protection is guaranteed 24/7 by a central station, regardless of whether residents are away from home, sleeping, or already suffering from the effects of carbon monoxide. CO1224 Carbon Monoxide Detector Medical Alert We offer wireless, supervised, medical alert remotes so that your loved ones never have to worry about being unable to call for help in case of a medical emergency.

Surround Sound: Home theater and surround sound have become the buzz words of home audio video installation. We have several audio visual installation packages that allow a full media experience from open media rooms to dedicated home theater rooms. more informationSurround sound speakers Sound Distribution, Stereo Sound, Audio Visual Installation Distribution: These systems are the way of the future giving you the ability to listen to music throughout the home from individually controlled speakers. The system can even be configured to distribute sound outside to the deck or pool. Our advanced audio systems interface with iPods, AM/FM/XM tuners, and switch video sources as well. more information Intercom: Home intercom systems have been around for many years. Hawkeye Security and Electronics has a line of intercoms that discretely fit into the nicest of homes. We pre-wire and install an intercom system that is mounted into a double gang box and covered with a decor plate. Its simple to operate, offers front door communication, and is installed to blend into the room, not standout. more information First Class Design: CEDIA certified professionals are a select group. They are proven experts who are committed to a higher standard of education. Hiring a CEDIA Certified professional gives you peace of mind-—and the finest in custom electronic design and installation. Your home deserves nothing less. Matt Drexler, owner and CEO is the only CEDIA certified system designed in the Louisville Metro area. more information

Planning to renovate your home and add a Home Theater or Media Room? Hawkeye Security and Electronics can custom design and install a home entertainment system to meet your needs and your budget. Whether your space is smaller and lends itself towards the installation of a flat panel TV and a pair of speakers or sound bar, or if you want the full theater experience with all of the bells and whistles we’ve got you covered. Some of the brands we install include Integra Audio-Video Receivers (AVRs) and BluRay players with 4K and streaming capabilities, Epson projectors, Draper screens, Auralex acoustic panels, and speakers from Speaker Craft, Origin Acoustics, NilesKEF, and Proficient. We can also integrate all of your components into the Elan Total Home Control system or a Universal ProControl remote control, allowing you to turn on your system with one touch of a button. Dolby Atmos for the home brings the ultimate cinema sound experience to your home theater to create powerful, moving audio that flows around you in three-dimensional space. We are dedicated to providing you the best value in custom surround sound systems for your Louisville home theater or media room. In our continuing efforts to provide the highest level of installation expertise, our installers are trained by CEDIA, the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association. In fact, we have the only Louisville area CEDIA Certified System Designer on staff. When working with Hawkeye Security and Electronics’ CEDIA Certified Designers you will be asked the following questions so that we can make your dream a reality:

  • Where will components be installed? Often, “out of sight” makes for the cleanest appearance, leaving your screen to star by itself without competing electronics
  • Where will the speakers be installed? Proper speaker placement is critical to having the enveloping sound stage that is desired. Overall cosmetics are always a consideration as well so that the finished room is visually appealing as much as audibly.
  • Where will everyone be sitting? Great seating can make or break a media room. The key is making sure everyone has an equally good view of the screen. Custom home theater seats or even a sectional often accomplish this while providing ample space. Electronic recliners and wedge-shaped sectionals mean every seat is the best seat in the house. Many recliners require ‘zero wall clearance,’ meaning they recline forward into the room, instead of back against the wall, which makes them a perfect choice in a tight space.
  • What about acoustics? 80% of the sound in most rooms is reflected sound. Only 20% comes from the speakers themselves. Controlling these reflected sounds can be critical for proper sound and voice intelligibility. Consider all the hard and soft surfaces you want in your media room and how they will affect the quality of the sound. A well-designed acoustic panel treatment like the Auralex will provide additional sound control, as well as carpeting and furniture will also help absorb reflected sounds.
  • How will the system be controlled? Last, but certainly not least, we design systems that are easy to use with remotes or app-based controls that are intuitive and activate the system with a single icon press.

If you want to design a home theater system or media room, come visit our showroom at 400 E. Tenth Street in Jeffersonville, IN to see what Hawkeye Security and Electronics has to offer.

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